About Us

Volticity can supply you with permanent solutions for EV Charging Installations, Commercial Electrical Work, Residential, Industrial and more. If you’re looking for EV charging installation companies, then you came to the right place… Volticity is one of the premier ev charging station installation contractors. We specialize in Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging installations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the surrounding Southern California area. Our parent company, Temp Power Systems, has been providing the construction industry with Personal Quality Service for half a century.

We are a full service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contractor focused on specialty electric power solutions. We believe the customer always comes first. We stand behind our work and will give you a detailed, timely estimate on your project. Make informed decisions when choosing an electrician for your next project. A cut-rate electrical shop could end up being a decision you regret for years to come. And safety must always come first.

What Separates Us & Makes us Unique

We are a specialty power solutions electrical contractor that is unique and one of a kind to the industry because of our background.

Our focus is on the labor/infrastructure side and we can run any type of power system required for any type of charging station while being your labor & installation partner on your projects.